Headlines, Feb. 19 edition

BACKGROUNDER In debate, Afghan candidates split on backing U.S. security agreement Japan’s Abe promises imminent solution to island dispute with Russia DOSSIER: Ayman Zawahiri Report quotes wiretapped exchange between (more…)

Headlines, Feb. 12 edition

BACKGROUNDER India to complete strategic ‘Triad’ with sea trials of 1st indigenous SSBN Ex-general who headed Canadian forces in Afghanistan arrested China deflects U.S. warning by blaming Japan for (more…)

Headlines, Feb. 5 edition

BACKGROUNDER Karzai’s last stand: U.S. must talk to the Taliban or leave immediately Japan and India jointly condemn China’s air defense identification zone Russia’s carrier takes part in Mediterranean (more…)

Headlines, Jan. 29 edition

BACKGROUNDER Suddenly, Japan and most of East Asia are currying favor with India ‘Gangster approach’: Russia admits ousting U.S. journalist, Putin critic Xi of China, in nod to Putin, (more…)

Headlines, Jan. 22 edition

BACKGROUNDER Indian intel warns of terror attacks on U.S. sites after diplomatic row Russia blasts China, EU with war act in ship’s seizure off W. Africa China, Japan attack (more…)

Headlines, Jan. 15 edition

BACKGROUNDER  Russia’s Bin Laden vows to terrorize the Sochi Winter Olympics  Russia to expand renewed military presence in the Arctic region   Russian Navy to get significant boost in 2014  (more…)

Headlines, Jan. 8 edition

BACKGROUNDER  Afghanistan frees terrorists, jailed by U.S., who had killed Americans  China’s push for stronger BRICS ties frustrated by geopolitical reality   Volgograd terror attacks spook Sochi Olympics only weeks (more…)

Headlines, Dec. 25 edition

BACKGROUNDER  Diplomatic blitz by Chuck Hagel, Iranians, failed to reassure Gulf states  Russia warns it will use nukes to answer U.S. ‘Prompt Global Strike’   Canada’s Christmas card to world (more…)

Headlines, Dec. 18 edition

BACKGROUNDER  Congress acts to stop Turkey’s missile deal with Chinese proliferator  U.S. silent as EU seeks to rescue popular partnership with Ukraine   Putin ‘liquidated’ Russia’s state media conglomerate    (more…)