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Geostrategy-Direct grows out of the work of those front line operators in the silent intelligence wars that have been waged through the decades of the Soviet threat and continue in the new millennium with the looming dominance of Communist China and a stealth force of globalist and corporate bad actors at war with the founding principles of the United States of America. The intelligence foot soldiers toil unnoticed and underappreciated. Not all are heroic but neither are they as cynical and jaded as their fictional counterparts in spy novels and movies.

The struggle for strategic information has not slackened, witness a series of damaging Chinese espionage blows to U.S. national security interests and the arrest, in February 2001, of an FBI counterintelligence official charged with being a “mole” for Russia. The forces of freedom did win the Cold War, but new threats loom. September 11 was only one wakeup call. The proliferation of nuclear and other unconventional weapons raises the specter of small outlaw nations deploying weapons of mass destruction against the world’s only remaining superpower, the United States.

The War on Terrorism poses an immediate threat to the economies and cultures of all developed nations, East and West. But the rise of the People’s Republic of China looms as a long term challenge to the United State in the twenty-first Century. As our early contributing editor Bill Gertz wrote in his bestseller, The China Threat:

“For American intelligence agencies, China is a ‘hard target’ – a euphemism betraying our ignorance about the inner workings of the last remaining nuclear-armed communist state. Not knowing or understanding the true nature of Chinese communism, China’s government, and its military poses the most serious internal threat to the United States today.”

The U.S. intelligence failures which contributed to the September 11 tragedy are still being divulged. In the aftermath, the United States privatized certain intelligence functions, and a 2002 CIA report stressed the importance of widening the scope of “open source intelligence” to help cope with a pressing deficit of strategic information exacerbated by the flood of once classified data made available by cyber espionage.

In this new “Era of Insecurity,” which is also the age of the Internet and the global economy, strategic intelligence has becoming a line item expense, the cost of doing business. Furthermore the foreign policy of the United States can no longer be formulated by scholars, generals or elites working in isolation, as the painful experience of the Vietnam War instructs. The support of a well-informed electorate is now required for strategic decisions affecting U.S. national interests.

For all these reasons, the editors of World are proud to offer Geostrategy-Direct for your consideration. This strategic report will not waste your time with ‘thumbsucker’ analyses or recycled reports offered at a steep price. We will not flood you with esoteric information but deliver only those exclusive reports our editors consider most vital to provide you and other busy and productive readers the competitive edge these times require for success.


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