An Executive Intelligence Briefing, No BS


Since the early weeks of 2001, has been publishing continuously. After September 11, some thought the world had been changed fundamentally and signed up for subscriptions.

That was then. this is now. As a review of this week’s headlines makes clear, 2024 is shaping up to be a year like none other.

Each week since our first, our editors and correspondents have closely tracked the world’s hot spots and the always shifting balance of power while, significantly, never taking our eyes off communist China.

Through the years, many subscribers took a break as their lives and careers changed only later to return. Subscribers have included intelligence agency chiefs, government ministries, investment risk analysts and ordinary citizens concerned about national security and world affairs.

For those who have received our alerts but not subscribed, now is the time to invest in need-to-know-intelligence.  For others who paused their subscriptions, right now is the perfect time to sign back on for your weekly intelligence briefing.

Welcome aboard!

With best regards,
The Editors

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