July 22, 2015                            
Dossier: Saudi Arabia

Obama hosted top Saudi official in 'unusual' post-Iran deal meeting


Slaughter in Tunisia spurs British to prioritize counter-terrorism

Stung by the death last month of 30 Britons among 38 murdered while on holiday at a beach resort in Sousse, Tunisia at the hands of Islamic extremists, British Prime Minister David Cameron announced his government is taking several new measures to fight terrorism.

At the heart of Cameron's policy actions are growing worries about "homegrown terrorism," one of the bitter fruits of what Cameron calls the "poison of Islamic extremism."

Terror in Sousse.

Because of its colonial past, hundreds of thousands of Muslim immigrants are living in the UK, including many from Pakistan.

Many Muslim youth have never fully integrated into British society, clustering in big cities like London, Manchester and Birmingham, often living in Muslim enclaves and learning little of British values or culture.

Top Israeli cites undeclared sites as key flaw to Iran nuclear deal
Iran's undeclared nuclear sites and the requirement of 24 days notice before they can be inspected is the "Achilles heel" of the recently concluded nuclear negotiations, the Director General of Israel's Ministry of Foreign Affairs said. Dore Gold, speaking to members of the Foreign Press Association at a July 21 meeting in Jerusalem's King David Hotel, said it was the undeclared sites and that Teheran's ballistic missile program was not on the agenda at the P5+1 talks that especially bothered him.
East Asia Report
Japan's 2015 White Paper raises threat level on China provocations

Another new alarm sounded in this year's white paper, concerns North Korea's submarine launched ballistic missile or SLBM program.

This year's white paper is distinctive for its stronger tone concerning China.  BBC

Technology Wars
Unprecedented 19-nation sting operation kills Darkode hacking ring
Focus on Terrorism
ISIL limits Internet access to trackable cafes in its 'capital' Raqqa
Inside China
Arrest of 'big tiger' Ling Jihua counters Xi statements on rule of lawing
Inside North Korea
N. Korea confirms new defense chief after predecessor's execution

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