March 25, 2015                            
Dossier: Water Fight

Major Nile dam generating tension among Egypt, Sudan, Ethiopia

Compiled by Miles Yu

Russia's Northern Fleet on high alert for massive arctic exercise

On March 16, Russian President Vladimir Putin, issued a military order to 38,000 troops to launch a massive arctic exercise.

Re-emerging after a mysterious disappearance from the public eye for more than 10 days, Putin and his order caught the Russian military off guard.

The Northern Fleet was caught off guard

The presidential order called for swift movements designed to test the Russian forces' readiness to mobilize on a massive scale for a major military operation.

Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu later assured the Russian press that "the constant military presence in the Arctic and the possibility to protect the state's interest by military means" are seen as critical.

Iran gains in Yemen, wins access to Red Sea port, checks Saudis
Iran has signed a deal with the new Yemen government now controlled by the Houthi militia that provides key strategic tradeoffs in Iran's favor including 14 weekly flights in each direction for each country's airlines. The Houthi insurgents were backed by Iran and have succeeded in displacing the pro-U.S. government in Sanaa and taking control of key military facilities. State-controlled media in Iran reported that a delegation from the new Yemen government spent four days in Iran.
Focus on Terrorism
U.S. defeated Nazis and USSR, but now ISIL is recruiting its youth

"Future generations will look back on this period in history, much as we now look back on the Cold War and World War II, and judge us on how we confront the existential challenge of Islamic jihadism that has already changed the Western way of life."

Erick Stakelbeck   

Military Technology
U.S. pressing development of anti-collision tech for aerial drones
Middle East Report
Turkey's close strategic ties with NATO becoming a distant memory
Focus on the Persian Gulf States
Arab League chief, Egypt's Sisi call for joint force as threats increase
Northeast Asia Report
China: Japan is historically unworthy for UN Security Council seat
China finally moves to mend fences with N. Korea to restore leverage

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