October 5, 2015                            
Dossier: Syria Strategy

As Russia moves in to solidify Assad's rule, no sign of U.S. strategy


MI5 chief: Threat to British security is now the highest since 9/11

The head of Great Britain’s equivalent of the FBI says the threat from radicalized Islamist recruits is posing the highest threat in over a decade to British security.

'The UK is facing an unprecedented level of threat'.

Andrew Parker, head of MI5, the UK’s domestic security, in remarks posted on the MI5 website, detailed his concerns: “The UK is facing an unprecedented level of threat. Over the past year there has been a growing threat in which we’ve seen six attempts at terrorism in this country. This is the highest number I can recall in my 32 year career.”

Top NATO general: Russia building anti-access bubble over Syria
Russia is using what it says is a counter-terror operation to construct an "anti-access/area denial" in Syira, NATO's commander of European Command said. "From where NATO’s top commander Gen. Philip Breedlove sits, the Russian forces flowing into Syria don’t look like counter-terrorists out to stop the Islamic State, which Vladimir Putin has said is his highest priority. They look like the first pieces of a layered 'anti-access/area denial' system that could complicate U.S. and allied operations in Syria and well beyond."
East Asia Report
Report: Egypt to buy French mistral ships and lease them to China

The two Mistral ships were built for Russia at a price tag of $1.7 billion. On the eve of delivery, however, Russia annexed Crimea and got itself heavily involved in the Ukrainian turmoil.

French mistral ship. AFP/Getty Images

Inside Iran
Rouhani to Wall Street on UN trip: No obstacles to U.S. investment
Technology Wars
PLA's cyber attack unit linked to S. China Sea takeover campaign
Inside North Korea
North Korea shrouded in deepening isolation on its 70th anniversary
Inside China
Xi gains face in much-hyped summit, fails to repatriate Ling Wancheng

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